Planning and Development Department Jobs in Karachi 2024

Planning and Development Department Jobs in Karachi 2024

Planning and Development Department Jobs in Karachi 2024 – Department of Planning and Development Jobs in Karachi: Department of Planning and Development offers various exciting consulting jobs in Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan. In this final article, we’ll provide you with the information, skills, benefits, and application materials you need to apply for this position.

The Department of Planning and Development is actively looking for the following Consultant candidates to be located in Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan as advertised in the Express Tribune on 23 September 2024:

City and Community Planning: The Department is responsible for formulating city and regional plans that govern sustainable and orderly community development. These include zoning regulations, land use plans, and master plans that affect the physical and economic development of the area.

Infrastructure Development: Planning and development departments often play a key role in coordinating the construction and maintenance of critical infrastructure such as roads, bridges, utilities, and public transportation systems. This can lead to the development of transportation systems and public services.

Economic development: This department works to attract and retain job-creating businesses, industries and investments that stimulate the local economy. It may provide incentives, grants, or resources to promote economic development.

Community Development: Planning and development departments can support community improvement initiatives such as revitalizing blighted neighborhoods, creating green spaces, and improving community amenities. This business can improve the quality of life of citizens in general.

Environmental Management: Some departments incorporate environmental factors into their planning, thereby promoting sustainable practices and reducing the environmental impact of development initiatives.

Housing Development: The department may develop housing programs and initiatives to combat housing shortages and ensure residents have access to a variety of housing options.

Public Safety: Planning and development departments contribute to public safety by ensuring that structures are built and operated in accordance with safety standards through zoning regulations and building codes.

Land Use Management: This department is responsible for enforcing zoning codes and land use regulations to protect orderly development, prevent land use conflicts, and protect property values.

Community involvement: They often facilitate community participation by involving residents, businesses and stakeholders in planning decisions to ensure that development plans meet the needs and wants of the community.

Infrastructure Performance: By coordinating infrastructure projects and land use planning, this department can contribute to reduce congestion, improve the transportation system, and improve the efficiency of the overall infrastructure.

Property value: Well-planned and well-managed development can increase community property values, which can benefit homeowners and increase the tax base of local governments.

Standard of Living: By creating well-designed communities, ecological spaces and cultural assets, the work of the Planning and Development Department can contribute to a higher standard of living for residents.

For application guidelines and additional information about this exciting job, please visit the Department of Planning and Development website or consult the online advertisement.

The task of the Development Working Party is to execute and process all development schemes, programs and proposals sent by other departments including autonomous bodies and make recommendations to the government accordingly. Liaise with the national planning agency.

Planning and Development Department Jobs in Karachi 2024 List

  • Accounts Officer
  • Assistant
  • Assistant Director
  • Audio Visual Associate
  • Dairy Dispatch Clerk
  • Dak Rider
  • Deputy Director
  • Driver
  • Gardner
  • Networking Officer
  • Office Boy
  • Office Secretary
  • Receptionist
  • Security Guard
  • Sweeper
Planning and Development Department Jobs in Karachi 2024
Planning and Development Department Jobs in Karachi 2024

Planning and Development Department Jobs in Karachi 2024 Details

 Posted on:16th January 2024
 Education:Master, Bachelor, BCS, Literate, M.Com, M.Phil, Matric, MBA, Primary
 Last Date:22/01/2024
 Company:Planning & Development Board Punjab
 Address:Planning and Development Board Punjab, Lahore

How to Apply?

  • Candidates are required to submit applications along with CV, 2 passport Size photographs, attested copy of CNIC, valid driving license, experience certificate through Daak or by hand.
  • Send applications to Program Director, Program Implementation Unit, Planning & Development Board, 184-A Upper Mall Scheme, Behind NIPA, Lahore.
  • The closing date to receive applications is 22nd, January 2024.